Ivan Zelinka, PhD
professor of computer science

Call for Book Chapters
Intelligent Astrophysics

Published in the book series
Emergence, Complexity and Computation

The book contributions are free of charge !!! 

The book editors:

Ivan Zelinka, VŠB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic
Massimo Brescia, INAF-OACN, Napoli, Italy.
Dalya Baron, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

The book Intelligent Astrophysics publishes new developments, advancements and selected topics in the fields of artificial intelligence and related algorithms in the astrophysical data processing. Astronomy has entered the multi-messenger era with ground-based and space-borne observing facilities producing data streams of unprecedented size and complexity. In the current Big Data analytics scenario, astronomical observations and related data gathering, reduction and analysis represent one of the clearest examples of data-driven science, where the amount of data collected in a single day is enough to keep occupied an entire community of scientists for the rest of their life. The book focuses on all aspects of reality-based computation approaches from an interdisciplinary point of view in all important areas of astrophysics as the signal processing in the radio astronomy, image processing with machine learning, deep learning applications on various astrophysical tasks, evolutionary computation in classification and modelling of astrophysical events, archive processing and anomaly detection in live streams from robotic telescopes and more. It presents new ideas and interdisciplinary insight on the mutual intersection of subareas of artificial intelligence and computation and its impact and limits to many astrophysical problems. 

Preliminary deadlines: 
Chapter submission: March 31, 2020
Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2020 
Camera-ready submission:  May 31, 2020
Book production: December 2020

The submission site is  https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ilia2020 The size of the chapter shall be between 10-30 pages, Research papers as well as survey papers are welcome. Formatting instructions and templates can be found at Springer website  https://www.springer.com/series/10624 following Instructions for Authors & Editors.

The CFP in the PDF is here  https://ivanzelinka.eu/CFPIAF.pdf


Q1. Is the book series indexed?

A1. Not yet, the next year we are going to apply for SCOPUS indexing.

Q2. May I archive my chapter in such archives like arXiv? 
A2. Yes, refer for detail  https://www.springer.com/gb/open-access/publication-policies/self-archiving-policy
. see paragraph a. 
A pre-print is the author’s version of the Article before peer-review has taken place ("Pre-Print”). Prior to acceptance for publication, Author(s) retain the right to make a Pre-Print of their Article available on any of the following: their own personal, self- maintained website; a legally compliant pre-print server such as but not limited to arXiv and bioRxiv. Once the Article has been published, the Author(s) should update the acknowledgement and provide a link to the definitive version on the publisher’s website: “This is a pre-print of an article published in [insert journal title]. The final authenticated version is available online at: https://doi.org/[insert DOI]”.

Q3. Is my chapter free of charge?
A3. Yes. No payment is needed. 

Q4. How are books distributed with Springer?
A4. Speinger is worldwide publisher with one of the best distribution network. Your book will be accesible for download and buying anywhere and immediatelly (electronic version).

Q5. What copy of the book I get?
A5. Usually electronic, but we can negotiate also paper version for those authors, who are interested.

Q6. Are goin to be our chapters reviewed?
A6. Yes, the editors of the book are arranging that.