Ivan Zelinka, PhD
professor of computer science

Selected topics of supervised diploma and PhD thesis

Spyware: design, structure and functionality
Creating an open-source tool for automatic penetration testing for teaching purposes
The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in cyber ​defence
Malware and the possibilities of its evolution
Forensic analysis in computer security
Cyber ​​weapons - their use in attack and defence
Malware with Artificial Intelligence - perspectives and options
The strategy of modern computer attacks and defence against them

AI and various
Intelligent systems at the edge of chaos
Crowdsourcing and extensive data collection
The use of gamesourcing and collective intelligence in computer games to solve problems
Astroinformatics data processing
Unknown texts analysis
Intelligent bot in StarCraft: Brood War
Analytical Programming in C #
Unconventional Methods in Big Data Analysis
Collective intelligence in gamesourcing and computer games
Analysis of evolutionary dynamics using complex networks
Time series analysis
Modelling and Simulation of Discrete Systems on Parallel Computers